Thursday, September 13, 2012

ITALIA Day 5: Lost in Palermo, we find a beach

At last, we made it to Palermo - a journey of sweat and tears. The 7:30 AM bus from Taormina to the Catania airport was no big deal, even waiting for the bus from the airport to Palermo wasn't too bad if you don't count the swell of gypsies constantly bombarding you for money. It was the getting off the city bus WAY too early en route from the bus station to our hotel - big mistake! I'm pretty sure we ended up trudging a little over a mile with luggage in the hot hot Sicilian sun. Oops. To turn our frowns upside down, I left Stacy in the room to cool off (might I add it was the cheapest and BEST hotel we stayed in the entire trip, massive corner suite, superb AC, balcony, full breakfast and free WiFi) while I went to a market a few blocks away to gather nibbles and wine, a most successful outing I might say. When I got back, we decided to check out a nearby beach where we stayed for the rest of the day, beautiful Mondello.

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