Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ITALIA! Day 1: A Long Day of Traveling

We've arrived! Well...sort of...after a 7:30 AM flight from Heathrow (surprisingly, it wasn't too horrible waking up at 4:30 AM because we saw Olympic Gold Medalist Missy Franklin in the security line beside us and a ton of other Olympians headed home!), a stop in Milan and a bus ride to the Palermo train station from the Palermo airport, we have our tickets in hand for our journey to Agrigento. With time to spare and our tummies rumbling we stopped, of all places, at McDonalds and low and behold I had one of the best "fast food" items I've ever had - a Caprese - only in Italy folks. After noshing, we did our best to wait patiently for the train which was a solid 15 minutes late, things in Sicily definitely run on their own time, aka. things happen when they happen. Off to Agrigento we go!

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