Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ITALIA! Day 2: Agrigento, a city of ruins

This was my best "all encompassing shot" that captures 
the main bit of Agrigento (right) with the Valle dei Templi or Valley of the Temples (left). The picture was taken from the top of the Temple of Juno Lacia, below is the Temple of Concordia, we were so hot and sweaty by the time this was taken and it was only 11:00 AM! After we finished our walk around the ruins, it was time for us to bus it back to the train station and make the hike (literally) back to our hotel to gather our things and catch the bus to Catania in order to catch (wait for it) another bus to Taormina (sensing a trend here with all the buses?). The night before when we first arrived, was more than interesting as we got completely lost searching for our hotel. We trudged up and down the steep and winding streets, steps and sidewalks of Agrigento and finally found it! No thanks to the sign that hangs outside the hotel which is only painted with the name on one side, thank goodness I turned around! After we got settled and cleaned up, we went out for a stroll on the main street until we found a restaurant to dine al fresco. I had a delicious plate of Pasta alla Norma, a traditional Sicilian dish made with eggplant, and we shared one of the best bottles of white wine I have ever had. We even bought another one to take back with us to the hotel - I'm still kicking myself for not remembering the name!

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