Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SUSHI! (all caps means I love it)

Marty and I comparing our beer 'shots'
I don't know what it is about sushi that has me hooked, my guess is the combination of salty soy, fresh sweet fish and perfectly cooked rice. The only thing I am certain of, is that I will always always be one of sushi's biggest fans.

Living in a village, it's not as easy as one would hope to come by "good" sushi but there just so happens to be a small (and I do mean small) Japanese restaurant in Oxford called Edamame. They only serve sushi on a Thursday evening, they don't take reservations and the fish runs out fast. I've braved various weather conditions from the pouring rain to scattered snow standing outside in a 'queue' waiting for my turn to enter and order my fill of delicious raw fish.

This place is what makes Thursdays a good day!

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