Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy belated Independence Day America!

At first I pretended like I didn't need to do anything "special" to celebrate July 4th, but after chatting on the day of with my long-time American pal who lives in Germany, my heart started to ache a bit. Her and her BF had planned a party with friends (all German, but still), were going to grill out, eat apple pie and drink some good old American lager. 

So last minute, I got my hands on some fo-sausages to use at hot dogs (thank you Linda McCartney), tossed together some mac n cheese and found a knock-off recipe for one of my favorite cakes from my beloved Whole Foods. Check out Chow Hound for the guesstimated recipe, I just used whipped cream for the layers but it tasted just as I remembered, delicious!

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